Where’s Our Heart, San Francisco?

Like you, we are proud of San Francisco and its diverse and historic cultural fabric. But the fabric is torn, and the scattered lives of the city’s forgotten communities litter the streets.

We created the Mortar Foundation to connect us back to our community and to support ideas that promise to ease the burden on the unfortunate.

The Mortar Foundation supports and funds education, arts and other initiatives for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents: Women forced to barter their dignity; children robbed of their dreams; and the mentally ill, left to toil in a world of obscurity. Our neighbors are in need of our love - the ball is in our court.

As this increasingly gentrified and bourgeois city races on, we cannot ignore those left behind. The Mortar Foundation seeks to bring intelligent conversation, and real impact to people that, through inaction, are otherwise destined to live in our shadows. Let’s build on the successes made by those already on the front line.

For more information, contact us here. The Mortar Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated with Mortar, the San Francisco-based brand and strategic communications agency.